Student Media Board (SMB)

The Student Media Board (SMB) is a Chartered Student Organization that governs all student media and publications at Honolulu Community College which encourages self-expression, artistic creativity, and campus involvement. SMB oversees these media:

Ka Lā News

Ka Lā News is the online student newspaper of Honolulu Community College. We post weekly campus news and stories pertaining to the student body at Honolulu CC. Students in Journalism classes are encouraged to submit articles to be featured on Ka Lā News. Students can send their contributions to

Ka Lā Podcast

Ka Lā Podcast is the student podcast of Honolulu Community College. In every episode, we talk about various topics and events relevant to students. Episodes feature interviews of faculty, staff, and students from Honolulu CC and other UH campuses. The podcast is a platform for students to express their opinions and ideas, as well as providing entertainment.

Ka Lā Podcast is produced by the Student Media Board and is financed through the Student Media Fee. All content reflects only the views of the Student Media Board and not of Honolulu Community College. The Student Media Board reserves the right to edit content for publication. No content produced for Ka Lā Podcast may be republished without permission.

Ka Lā Podcast is available to listen on these streaming platforms

Art & Soul

Art & Soul is the creative arts and literary magazine of Honolulu Community College. The magazine is an outlet for students to express their artistic creativity in drawing/painting, digital art, photography, poetry, literature, music, fashion technology, cosmetology, crafting, sculpting, woodworking, etc. Students can submit their original artwork to be featured in the Art & Soul magazine. Students can send submissions to

Meet the members of the Student Media Board

Become a part of SMB to shape campus communication and help express student voices. Join the loop to gain leadership, management, and journalism skills. In addition, learn about the evolving world of media and technology.

The Student Media Board is responsible for the formulation of policies, bylaws, and procedures applicable to student publications in print and online media, as well as to protect the rights of the governed organizations to operate free of censorship, as funded by the Student Media Fee.

SMB Office located at Building 2, Room 115

Follow SMB on Social Media @hcckalanews and @honcc_sld

Last Reviewed: 11/2022