Join Our Team

General Qualifications

Student interested must be a HonCC student who wants to give 4-10 hours a week of commitment to better the college experience for the entire student body. Must have a pleasant personality and good communication skills. Must relate well with others, even in stressful situations. MUST be reliable about showing up for work regularly and promptly, and calling in advance if unable to do so. Some computer/office experience preferred. Must have a willingness to learn new skills.

Student Work Eligibility

Student can be eligible for student employment if they meet the following criteria:

Student Leader

Students can become a Student Leader to serve the student body at Honolulu Community College. Student Leaders work to build a positive campus culture by analyzing and problem solving in an inclusive, democratic environment. In addition, Student Leaders seek excellence, knowledge, and skills by attending training to understand the organization, the campus, applicable policies, fiscal processes and communication protocols to better execute their roles.

Volunteers are accepted if student has an affiliation with HCC

Testimonials from Past Employees

“I liked working for Student Life & Development because the schedule was flexible with my class schedule.”

“Student Life & Development helped me gain better work skills.”

“The best part about working for Student Life & Development was learning new skills that helped me towards getting a job.”

Last Reviewed 4/2021