Graduation 2021 Information

Graduation season is upon us and nothing will replace an in-person ceremony, however, the Student Life & Development office in cooperation with the campus student leaders and administration want to honor and acknowledge all of our hard working graduates this year’s Honolulu Community College 2020 – 2021 Commencement Celebration!

How will graduation be done this year?

Graduation will be done through a Commencement Celebration website to acknowledge our graduate’s achievement on getting their associates degree and/or certificate. All Fall 2020 through Spring 2021 graduates will be included and have their own personal webpage that they can share with family and friends. Graduates have the ability to customize their personal webpage by adding pictures and quotes.

Graduates who participate in the online Graduation Commencement Celebration website will also receive a FREE Graduation Swag Bag filled with graduation memorabilia, stickers, keychains, and more from Student Life & Development!

How can I customize my personal webpage?

Graduates can customize their personal webpage by registering to this link: 

The deadline to register for the online Graduation Commencement Celebration website is April 25, 2021

Reminder: must sign up through your email address.

What can I submit for my personal webpage?

Graduates can submit the following to customize their personal webpage: 

  • Up to 5 photos (720 dpi or higher resolution) and/or 3 personal messages (< 800 characters)
  • A small Photo description available for photos provided (< 150 characters)
  • The list of degrees and/or certificates you completed at Honolulu Community College
  • Categories asked to students may include campus organizations and societies such as Military, PTK, Student Leader, Kūlana Hawai’i Student, etc.

Will there be a chance to take graduation pictures?

The Student Life & Development office is hosting a two types of Grad Photo Days to take graduation pictures.

  • Professional Grad Photo Day on April 16, 2021 from 11:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. for students to take Graduation portraits with Chancellor Lee.
  • Casual Grad Photo Days on April 15, 2021 & April 20, 2021 from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. for students to take Graduation portraits with a cardboard cut out of Chancellor Lee.

Grad Photos will be in the Student Lounge by the Honolulu Bookstore. Only graduates will be allowed entry into the lounge for portraits. You can use these photos to customize your personal webpage. All those who show up for photos get a FREE Cap & Tassel, and you will be able to take home your diploma cover and honor cords if applicable.

How can I schedule an appointment for the Grad Photo Day?

Graduates who wish to participate in the Grad Photo Days must schedule an appointment by using the following links. Reminder: You must make an appointment through your email address. Please only reserve one time slot. No double-booking. We want each Graduate to have an opportunity. 

One appointment and one car load of family & friends per graduate. If all spots fill, we will make efforts to make additional appointments.

What to do on your Grad Photo Day appointment

Please arrive 5 minutes before your appointment time or your spot may be given away. Before coming to your appointment on that day:

  • be fully prepared to have your picture taken (attire, make-up, hair, etc.)
    • attire can be in regular clothes, aloha wear, or clothes/uniforms appropriate to your major
  • fill out the UH LumiSight COVID-19 questionnaire at
  • wear a face mask
  • bring an ID

Campus and City & County of Honolulu COVID-19 Guidelines must be followed at all times.

Campus Map – Entrance & Exit on 1101-1239 Kokea Street

Route Map for Students

Your vehicle will enter through 1101-1239 Kokea Street to Parking Lot 1. You will drive thru Parking Lot 1 to the first Checkpoint indicated on the map, then will be directed to drive-thru to F/S Parking Lot 1B. Once picture taking session is over, graduate will Exit through 1101-1239 Kokea Street.

Where can I download my Grad Photo Day Pictures?

Your Grad Photos can be found on the Honolulu Community College’s Flickr Album. Download your pictures and you can upload them on your personal webpage. For the Professional Grad Photos, register to view your images at


Where to buy Cap & Gown

Those who show up to their scheduled Grad Photo appointment can get a FREE Cap & Tassel. Gowns will be available for students to use for Grad Photos. If you want to purchase graduation attire, diploma frames, and class rings please visit the Honolulu Bookstore

When will I get my diploma?

Fall 2020 graduates that show up to their scheduled Grad Photo appointment will receive their diploma. Fall 2020 graduates who don’t schedule and show up to Grad Photo will have the their diploma mailed to them. For Spring 2021 graduates, diplomas will be mailed in within 12 weeks after the Graduation Commencement Celebration.

2021 Celebration of Graduates Padlet

Family & Friends can participate in the 2021 Celebration of Graduates Padlet to give shout outs and share congratulatory messages to the Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 graduates.

2021 Celebration of Graduates Padlet:

When will the Graduation Commencement Celebration website be live?

The Graduation Commencement Celebration website will be live on May 14, 2021 at 8:00 a.m.

If you have questions or concerns, please email