Core Values

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Student-Centered Philosophy


  • Commitment to serving learners with a broad range of needs and capacities
  • Commitment to providing a safe, healthy, and accommodating learning environment
  • Commitment to promoting student achievement
  • Commitment to maintaining open admissions and affordability
  • Commitment to offering schedules and classes that meet student needs

Lifelong Learning

  • Make learning relevant to the needs of learners and the community
  • Provide programs that are interdisciplinary, provide technological fluency and are linked
    to global, regional and local constituencies
  • Enable students to learn about themselves and the world
  • Provide opportunities for students to discover alternatives, gain confidence and excite
    their intellectual curiosity
  • Create opportunities for students to develop leadership abilities and cultivate personal



  • Include all members of the college community as stakeholders in the development and
    operation of collegiate programs and services
  • Conduct all communication with honesty, integrity and openness


  • Promote awareness of cultural and individual differences as an institutional hallmark
  • Support pluralism, diversity and equity in all college practices and activities


  • Value of all members of the institutional community (students, staff, faculty,
    administrators, community partners)
  • Commitment to the respectful treatment of all community members
  • Commitment to providing a safe, nurturing and inclusive environment based on fairness,
    trust, and mutual respect



  • Seek creative certificate and degree pathways to fulfill college vision and mission
  • Support collaborative learning and growth
  • Prioritize on-going staff/faculty development to maintain program currency, technological
    skills, and professional growth and renewal
  • Cultivate leadership development opportunities for faculty and staff
  • Ensure opportunities for professional development, mentoring, sharing among colleagues
  • Ensure programs adapt to remain at the forefront of technical and occupational change to prepare students and clients for occupational and societal roles
  • Maintain diversity of programs and educational opportunities
  • Expect, embrace, and create change


  • Be accountable for the quality of program and learning environment
  • Commit to rigorous academic standards
  • Emphasize and cultivate strong work ethic and personal accountability
  • Gather and share program information with all constituencies
  • Use information for ongoing improvement of program quality
  • Strive for excellence in all endeavors



  • Recognize and honor our roots and deep connection to the surrounding community
  • Serve as a flagship institution for education and training in occupational/technical fields
  • Commit to providing broader opportunities for students from our community

Shared Values

  • Shared commitment to a culture of justice, equity, and respect
  • Shared commitment to learning outcomes (active learning, critical thinking, clear
    communication, ethical deliberation, interaction in diverse and complex environments)
  • Shared commitment to respect for meeting the diverse needs of our students


  • Commitment to providing courteous, knowledgeable, and efficient service
  • Commitment to providing services to support and affirm the value, dignity and opportunity of every individual
  • Cultivate and foster links to global, Hawaiian/Asian/Pacific, national, state and local
  • Commitment to forming partnerships that allow the college to be a catalyst for community
    and workforce development