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The Intranet Has Moved!

The intranet has been upgraded and has moved to This site will no longer be updated. For postings for the current academic year, please upload to the new intranet. For postings from previous years, please submit a Web Request Form for the file(s) to be added to the intranet archive on Google Drive.

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See Curriculum/Catalog Timelines

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See the General Education Board page for the applications.

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Divison Personnel Committee (DPC)

Employee Tuition Waivers

Tuition waivers may be used by (1) University of Hawaii employees who are employed half time (.50 FTE) or more and (2) spouses and domestic partners of University of employees in BU07 and BU08 who are employed half-time (.50 FTE) or more.

Tuition Waiver Forms
Attention!! Both forms below must be submitted together.

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Safety Forms

The first two forms are inspection checklists containing commonly found hazards - 1) Office Safety Inspection Report appropriate for office environment, and, 2) Safety Inspection Report for self-inspections of shops. Both are designed for easy use. If you would like assistance on the inspection using the checklist, please contact Chulee Grove via email or call 845-9434.

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