Faculty Senate Executive Committee

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Committee Details

  • Tenure/Non-Tenure: T/N
  • Full Time/Part Time: F/P
  • Elected/Appointed: E


  • One (1) full-time faculty member from Humanities and Social Sciences;
  • One (1) full-time faculty member from Language Arts;
  • One (1) full-time faculty member from Mathematics and Natural Sciences;
  • One (1) full-time faculty member from Native Hawaiian Programs;
  • Two (2) full-time faculty members from Transportation and Trades;
  • One (1) full-time faculty member from Construction Academy;
  • Two (2) full-time faculty members from Communication and Services;
  • One (1) full-time faculty member from Academic Support;
  • One (1) full-time faculty member from Student Services;
  • One (1) lecturer member (elected in the Fall);
  • One (1) member from the Staff Senate Executive Committee (non-voting);
  • The Chancellor of the College (ex-officio, non-voting);
  • One (1) Student member (non-voting).

All full-time faculty (except for members who are just completing terms on the FSEC) who will not be physically absent from campus (ie on sabbatical/leavel/exchange) are automatically nominated for the FSEC elections which are held each spring.


The FSEC represents the interests of The Faculty Senate, which comprises all College faculty. The FSEC advises the administration on all issues which pertain to quality education and serves as a forum for discussion on those issues. The Committee also serves as a clearing-house for information and faculty opinions regarding campus and system-wide matters.

The FSEC is the formal voice of the faculty. It is responsible for developing and maintaining campus academic policy and providing a means for improved communication among the faculty, administration, students, and community. While it serves in an advisory capacity to the administration, its vigilance over campus affairs is integral to the provision, preservation, and improvement of quality education at the college.

The FSEC is one of four (along with COSA, CPC and the Faculty Development Committee) College-wide committees.


The Faculty Senate Executive Committee:

  • Maintains and supervises FSEC committees and staffing thereof.
  • Represents the faculty on such campus policy matters as the initiation, review and evaluation of proposed or authorized instructional, research, academic, and community service programs, budget planning and implementation, student-faculty relations, and such other academic matters, which the faculty or Chancellor may consider relevant.
  • Remains informed about every aspect of campus life, keeping its constituency informed and apprised of existing and potential issues about which the faculty may want to deliberate and decide.


The Faculty Senate Executive Committee meets monthly throughout the academic year. Occasional subcommittees may be formed to gather information and make recommendations on specific issues.

The FSEC has two chairs, a System Chair and a Campus Chair. The System Chair of the FSEC serves on the Community Colleges Council of Faculty Senate Chairs and the All Campus Council of Faculty Senate Chairs, two system-wide committees consisting of Senate Chairs from all campuses in the UH system, including Manoa. The Campus Chair of the FSEC chairs the monthly meetings of the FSEC and is responsible for the on-campus activities of the Committee.

Normally, each chair receives three (3) credits assigned time each semester.