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  • One (1) faculty member who becomes the Faculty Development Coordinator (and Chair of this Committee) appointed by the Campus Chair of the FSEC and the Chancellor to a two-year term
  • Seven (7) faculty members: One (1) each from the University College, Tech1, Tech2, Student Services and Academic Support/PCATT. These members are appointed collaboratively by the Campus Chair of the FSEC, the Committee on Committees, and the Faculty Development Coordinator.
  • An administration liaison appointed by the Chancellor of the College

The Committee will have staggered two-year terms


The Faculty Development Committee serves faculty needs in fulfilling the classification criteria of continuing, long-term service to the College. It further supports the College in meeting its goals of institutional growth. The Committee also supports the activities of the Faculty Development Coordinator.

The Faculty Development Committee is one of four (along with COSA, CPC and FSEC) College-wide committees.


The Faculty Development Committee and the Faculty Development Coordinator:

  • Assesses faculty development interests and needs.
  • Plans and implements activities in support of faculty development.
  • Creates an annual budget and action agenda.
  • Develops guidelines for the distribution of funds allocated for faculty development.
  • Allocates funds for proposed faculty development activities.
  • Reviews and evaluates the effectiveness of faculty development activities.
  • Facilitates communication with the faculty at large.


The Faculty Development Committee meets once a month. Occasional projects may involve some work outside Committee meetings. The Faculty Development Coordinator may receive up to 20% release time.

Faculty Development Committee Documents