Committee on Programs and Curricula

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Committee Details

  • Tenure/Non-Tenure: T/N
  • Full Time/Part Time: F
  • Elected/Appointed: A


  • Five (5) faculty members: One (1) from the University College, one (1) each from Tech1 and Tech2, one (1) from Student Services, and one (1) from Academic Support. Staggered two-year terms.
  • Three (3) Division Chairs: One from the University College, one (1) from Tech1 and one (1) from Tech2 (ex-officio, voting)
  • The Writing Intensive Coordinator (ex-officio, voting)
  • Four (4) Deans: The Deans of Tech1, Tech2, the University College, and Management Information and Research (ex-officio, non-voting)
  • One (1) student appointed by the Associated Students of Honolulu Community College (ASUH-HCC)
  • Three (3) representatives from the Division Curriculum Committees: One (1) each from Tech1, Tech2 and the University College (ex-officio, non-voting)
  • Assessment Committee Chair


The CPC is responsible for approving all changes in curriculum (which in most cases have been passed up from the individual Division Curriculum Committees). It is one of four (along with FSEC, COSA, and Faculty Development) campus-wide committees.

Since the faculty has primary responsibility for curriculum content, subject matter, and methods of instruction, the Committee on Programs and Curricula shall, to the greatest extent possible, represent the faculty's interest in maintaining the quality of curriculum at HCC.


The Committee on Programs and Curricula:

  • Addresses college-wide interests in curriculum.
  • Ensures continuation of direction established by the Academic Development Plan.
  • Discusses and makes decisions concerning curriculum issues.
  • Approves course and program proposals.
  • Advises the Deans and the Chancellor on issues related to programs and curicula.


The Committee on Programs and Curricula meets at least once a month, sometimes more frequently. The Chair of the Committee receives three (3) credits assigned time each semester.