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Orientation to KSCM main page:

How to create proposals and submit them to workflow for approval

Guide for approvers:

1) Run KSCM on Chrome or Firefox Browsers. Internet Explorer may prevent data from saving.

2) Course/Program Proposal Details Sections: Fields in these sections are similar to the cover sheet and impact sections of our paper forms, and should be completed to the best of our ability to facilitate Catalog, Banner, and STAR updates.

3) Course/Program Data Sections: Edit only fields being changed. Required fields in Red must also be filled.

4) Course Outline Section: Most fields will auto-fill based on information in the Data Section.

5) Workflow: Brent came up with a great idea to use a Google Doc to collect committee comments prior to DCC meeting. If the proposer also has access to the doc, he/she can prepare amendments in advance. Current KSCM user settings are limited, and only allow chair approvers to write comments.

Page Last Updated: 4/7/17
Page Created: 10/18/16

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