Student Organizations

Honolulu Community College’s campus life thrives on student organizations. Here are some student organizations of Honolulu Community College.

Chinese New Year Event 2013

The Student Activities Board is here to bring exciting events to Honolulu Community College. From holiday events to competitions, the Student Activities Board is always coming up with fresh ideas. Use the hard work from the Student Activities Board to take a break from the books and enjoy taking part in the fun activities.

Student Activities Board

ASUH - Honolulu CC

Associated Students of University of Hawaii – Honolulu Community College is your student government. They are determined to make our school as best as it can be. They welcome everyone to stop by to say hello.

Associated Students of
University of Hawaii -
Honolulu Community College

SMB Meeting

Student Media Board is a group of individuals who have a passion for everything in publications. Honolulu Community College’s Student Media Board has produced an award winning student-run newspaper that is enjoyed by everyone in our community.

Student Media Board

Righteous Rainbow Booth

A Registered Independent Student Organization (RISO) is a group of students whom are connected through similar interests, have common goals, or just like to hang out. They gather together and contribute to make a better campus life experience.

Registered Independent
Student Organization

Last Reviewed: 08/2013