Campus Technology Committee


  • One faculty member from each division as determined by the Committee on Committees and FSEC.
  • Two staff members as selected by the SSEC.
  • Two members from Administrative Services as selected by the Vice Chancellor Administrative Services.
  • One student representative as selected by ASUH.
  • The Chief Information Officer/Director of Information Technology
  • PCATT Director Campus Technology Committee Charter 2
  • Vice Chancellor Academic Affairs
  • Vice Chancellor Administrative Services
  • The chair of the Campus Technical Committee is to be elected for a one year term by the committee as a whole.
  • A recorder will be selected at each meeting.
  • The Campus Technical Committee may create subcommittees to handle specific areas of evaluation and overview in Educational Technology, Online Education (DE), Professional Technical Development or other areas as deemed necessary. These subcommittees would report back to the Campus Technical Committee on their respective areas periodically as determined by the committee.
  • Members leaving the Committee before their term is completed should notify the Committee of their approved replacement before exiting the Committee.


  1. Provide overall review, evaluation, and guidance to the Information Technology Services division on all elements of campus data communications and information processing services.
  2. Review and advise on budgeting, technology selection and implementation.
  3. Encourage innovation in educational technology implementation
  4. Ensure compliant copyright policy implementation, and campus data security.
  5. Maintain an open forum on faculty and staff technology training, professional development, educational technology, and technical support for online course content development and delivery systems for all courses whether online, hybrid or classroom based.

Scope of Authority

Advises and makes recommendations to the appropriate constituents on innovative implementation of educational, administrative and operational Information Technology for the campus.

Operating Procedures

  1. Meetings will follow standard rules of order.
  2. Information Technology Services head and functional leads will provide an operational review.
  3. Current and planned project status will be presented for review and discussion.
  4. Subcommittee reports will be heard and any recommended actions reviewed and approved as deemed appropriate.
  5. General campus concerns on all areas will be addressed and possible solutions recommended.
  6. New technology will be reviewed and evaluated for future projects.


The Campus Technology Committee will meet monthly throughout the academic year and at least once during the summer.


  • Minutes are kept by the recorder and posted on the Intranet.
  • An end-of-the-year report will be submitted to FSEC, SSEC and Chancellor.
  • The Committee will review its charter once a year and make necessary changes.